Our Community

Important Contact Information

City of Phoenix
Barking Dogs            602.262.6466
Bulk Trash Pickup    www.cityofphoenix.org
City Recycling          602.262.7251
City Sewer                602.262.6691 9m-(6:00am-4:30pm)
City Sewer                602.261.8000 (Nights/Weekends/Emergency)
Crime Stop               602.262.6151
Graffiti Busters        602.495.7014
Police                        602.495.5006 (Non-Emergency)
Phx. Solid Waste     602.262.7251

TRASH/green & RECYCLE/blue
Pickup Monday by 6:30am
If pickup falls on Christmas or New Year's Day the trash or recycling will be
collected the following day

Poison Control          602.262.6151
Water in Streets        602.262.6251 (Leaks/Broken Hydrants)